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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor02/02/2023MaintenancePlant ServicesApply
Electrician02/01/2023MaintenancePlant ServicesApply
Coordinator - Career & Technical Education (ESSER Funded)01/27/2023CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Instructional/Educational Assistant (Clinical Student Teaching/Internship) FALL '2301/25/2023ClassifiedTBDApply
ARD Facilitator (SpEd) ESSER funded01/25/2023CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Director of Athletics / Head Football Coach01/24/2023CoachingHigh SchoolsApply
Teacher Dyslexia [2022-2023 School Year]01/24/2023CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Aide Gen Ed Classroom [PE classroom]01/18/2023ClassifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Teacher - SpEd Elementary [for '22-'23]01/18/2023CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (5th Grade) ['22-'23 School Year]01/18/2023CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Aide Gen Ed Classroom01/17/2023ClassifiedTBDApply
Aide Gen Ed Classroom01/12/2023ClassifiedEmeline Carpenter ElementaryApply
HVAC Technician01/06/2023MaintenancePlant ServicesApply
Teacher ELAR (HS)12/15/2022CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Teacher - SpEd Elementary [for '22-'23]12/01/2022CertifiedRaguet ElementaryApply
Aide SpEd Classroom12/01/2022ClassifiedRaguet ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (1st Gr Bilingual)11/08/2022CertifiedThomas J. Rusk ElementaryApply
Prekindergarten Teacher11/08/2022CertifiedNettie Marshall Early Childhood CenterApply
Teacher Secondary Math/Sci (DAEP) ['22-'23 School Year]10/31/2022CertifiedMargie Chumbley Academy for SuccessApply
Teacher HS CTE / Robotics [for '22-'23 school year]10/04/2022CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Teacher - SpEd Secondary [for '22-'23]10/04/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Aide SpEd Classroom10/04/2022ClassifiedTBDApply
Teacher - SpEd Elementary [for '22-'23]10/04/2022CertifiedTBDApply
Routing Specialist, Transportation08/17/2022TransportationTransportationApply
Dispatcher, Transportation08/17/2022ClassifiedTransportationApply
Substitute Teacher or Substitute Aide08/15/2022SubstituteTBDApply
Bus Driver08/09/2022TransportationTransportationApply
Dept. Secretary - Technology08/04/2022ClassifiedEJ CampbellApply
Counselor, Elementary [for '22-'23]07/20/2022CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (4th Grade) ['22-'23 School Year]07/20/2022CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (2nd Grade) ['22-'23 School Year]07/20/2022CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (1st Gr Bilingual) ['22-'23 School Year]07/20/2022CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher (Kinder - 2 positions) ['22-'23 School Year]07/20/2022CertifiedMike Moses ElementaryApply
ESL Teacher [for '22-'23 School Year]07/07/2022CertifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply
Teacher Science (HS) - ['22-'23]07/07/2022CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Behavior Specialist / Board Certified Behavior Analyst06/23/2022CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Assistant Principal, Elementary [for '22-'23]06/07/2022Campus AdministrativeBrooks Quinn Jones ElementaryApply
Teacher HS CTE / Information Technology [for '22-'23 school year]06/03/2022CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Teacher Elem - Technology Applications (ESSER Funded) for '22-'2306/03/2022CertifiedRaguet ElementaryApply
Librarian [for '22-'23 school year]06/03/2022CertifiedThomas J. Rusk ElementaryApply
Aide General Ed Classroom [for '22-'23 school year]06/03/2022ClassifiedMargie Chumbley Academy for SuccessApply
Athletic Trainer - MS [for '22-'23 school year]05/25/2022CertifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Interventionist - ESSER Funded ['22-'23]05/11/2022CertifiedEmeline Carpenter ElementaryApply
Aide Gen Ed Classroom ESL05/11/2022ClassifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply
Teacher (HS) Social Studies/Coach ['22-'23]05/11/2022CertifiedNacogdoches High SchoolApply
Bilingual Teacher (K-5) [for '22-'23 school year]05/02/2022CertifiedElementary SchoolsApply
HVAC Technician04/22/2022MaintenancePlant ServicesApply
Teacher MS ELA [for '22-'23 school year]04/19/2022CertifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply
Teacher MS Social Studies [for '22-'23 school year]04/19/2022CertifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply
Teacher MS Science [for '22-'23 school year]04/19/2022CertifiedMcMichael Middle SchoolApply